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Batteryspray® is a patented spray application specially developed for the removal of flange gaskets containing asbestos. The system provides a constant pressure of 11 bar, which allows fine atomisation without turbulence or air displacement and the asbestos fibres are bound by the binder. It works completely independently and can therefore be used almost everywhere. The flexible collection trays and recycled absorption cloths absorb not only asbestos but also contaminants and guarantee safe disposal of the hazardous material.

The unique advantages of Batteryspray® are:

Die einzigartigen Vorteile von Batteryspray® sind:

  • Safe removal of asbestos-containing flange seals
  • No pollution in the workplace
  • Easy to operate by the user
  • Effortless spraying of the surfaces to be cleaned
  • The binder has deep penetrating properties
  • More than 90% biodegradable (OECD test)
  • Suitable for cleaning very heavily soiled surfaces and for final cleaning
  • It also dissolves easily adhering layers of grease and dirt on machines, tools, etc.